Persidangan Tahunan Polis Bantuan Malaysia Ke-29

One of the top Radio communication expo worldwide and notably the #1 Radio expo in Europe is PMR Expo which was held in Cologne, Germany from 28th November to 30th November 2017.Virtual Trunk participated this prestigious event and pit our products with top radio manufacturers Worldwide.We received amazing enquiries and responses on our state of the art terminals, Command & Control Dispatch Console and Gateway.

Countries visited our booth and show tremendous interests include UK, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, France, Spain etc

Virtual Trunk is proud to announce that we even received visitors from top radio manufacturers worldwide for collaboration discussions.

We are taking our products to the world stage and showcase our amazing solutions to enhance productivity and cost savings.

Call VT Link Sdn Bhd and you will be amazed on how our solutions can make a different in your daily operation.

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