Walkie talkies don’t have the range or flexibility of a cell phone, but during certain activities are more convenient to use. Each radio in a set is always available to the other so long as it is in range. so one can speak to another person without having to wait for their call to be answered. They’re good as toys but also useful during home remodeling projects and other such jobs where quick communication is essential.

Earlier, only civil defense industries were widely using walkie talkies. Its usefulness and convenience has made it indispensable in various businesses now. For commercial use it is must to have a license, to endorse security and taut consistency. You can use it in big worksites, during outdoor festivals, commercial centers and warehouses to communicate with one another easily and instantly. Big business firms use walkie talkies to stay connected with their employees.

Except that , there are many other ways to use radios .such as hams , trips , school management ,hotel management ,and so on.


  1. Instantaneous voice transmit and receive
  2. Improve Customer’s Safety
  3. Secured communication
  4. Improve End User experience, Co-ordination & efficiency
  5. Users location captured on GPS
  6. Programmable buttons for emergency button to set alarm
◦ Courier (DHL, FEDEX)
◦ Taxi
◦ LIMOS Service
◦ Tow Truck
◦ Railway
◦ Airport
◦ Seaport
◦ Light Rail
◦ Site
◦ Cement Delivery
◦ Electrical
◦ Excavating
◦ Plumbing
◦ Roofing
◦ Factory
◦ Light Industry
Logistic/ Warehousing
◦ Logistic
◦ Warehousing
◦ Entertainment
◦ Event
Oil & Gas
◦ Petro Chemical
◦ Oil Rig
◦ Hotel
◦ Condo
◦ Offices
◦ Factory
◦ Sport Events
◦ Education
◦ Restaurant
◦ Hotel
◦ Laces of Interest
◦ Resort
◦ Shopping Mall
◦ Supermarket